No one wants to walk out to their car only to discover that their windows have been smashed, their key hole has been torn apart, or their personal belongings have been taken. It is guaranteed to ruin your day and set you back money and time. Most likely, the authorities will never catch the perpetrator and you will be left coving the cost of that broken window, the stereo they took from you, and any other damage they may have caused. That is, if your car is still there at all. Can you imagine coming back to your parking space to find your car gone? There is no worse feeling than being violated like that, but there is some good news in all of this; there are things you can do to make your car less of a target.

It’s The Simple Things

The best way to ensure that your vehicle looks like more trouble than it’s worth is to stick to the basics. First of all, you should be locking your car each and every time you exit the vehicle. Whether you’re parking in a nice part of Miami or you’re parking in the inner city of Detroit, locking your car is the number one way to deter thieves. Put yourself in a thief’s position; if you walk up to a car that isn’t locked, the things left inside are so easy to take. There’s no alarm, no one around, and not even a locked door between you and that nice new tablet. If, however, the door is locked, breaking a window or trying to jimmy the door open is probably going to attract some unwanted attention. That attention could lead to the police being called and now you have to consider whether jail time or fines are worth the risk. You should also always close all windows and sunroofs. While it’s harder on newer vehicles, thieves still have plenty of ways to slide that locking mechanism up and get inside if there’s even an inch of space open between that window and the frame of the door. With a sunroof open, they might even be able to hook whatever it is they’re after and slip it through that ceiling of your car without even unlocking the vehicle. On a hot Miami day, it might be tempting to leave those windows cracked to get some air circulating in that vehicle, but it’s not worth it.

A Clean Car Could Keep Your Things Safe

While you might not enjoy cleaning your car or tossing out the trash each time you get where you’re going, those things could actually help prevent your car from being broken into. While you might know that that shopping bag is empty or only has hand-me-downs that you need to drop off at a donation center, a thief will not. They might see that old shopping bag and think that you have something new and possibly pricy inside of it. That makes it worth getting to, which makes your car worth breaking into. The same can be said for trash bags or old food containers. While you might know there’s nothing in there but junk, a thief might see it as you trying to hide something of value and think it merits investigation.

Be Conscious of When You Hide Your Valuables

While you might think you’re being smart by hiding the things you value before you leave your car, you never know when some thief is watching the lot you’re parking in. Even though you have hidden that computer under the seat and no one from the outside can see it, that crook may have seen you shuffling around and hiding things before you got out. While he might not know what you’ve tucked away out of sight, he might assume that if it’s worth hiding, it’s worth stealing. The same thing goes for putting your shopping bags in your trunk after you’ve arrived. While they may be hidden from anyone who passes by after you leave, if someone sees you put them into your trunk, they’ll know where they need to go to get the loot. It doesn’t matter what part of Miami you’re parking in, if you’re leaving clues for thieves that your car might contain valuables, you’re putting yourself at risk!