Whether you park it at home in your garage, leave it out on the street, or tuck it away safely in Miami cruise Port parking, leaving your car sit idle for too long can have costly consequences. Not only could you run into some issues with fines and tickets, but you could find yourself in need or new parts or repairs. The next time you’re planning a vacation or just spending time away from your vehicle for a week or more, consider these tips and warnings. They will be sure to help you avoid problems and keep your car in good running shape.

Fines and Fees

Obviously, it is illegal to drive an unregistered car. Did you know it is also illegal, in a lot of states, for an unregistered car to even be on the street? Some states even ticket for an unregistered vehicle that is parked in a driveway. Depending on the state, those fines can range from $54 all the way up to $180, according to Car Insurance.com. Before you take a trip that will keep you away from home for an extended period of time, make sure you check your car’s registration. Letting it expire is more hassle than it’s worth. Not to mention, if you let it expire out of state, the time you will have to wait to get that registration sticker on your car will be greatly increased. Can you imagine pulling out of your Miami cruise Port parking only to be pulled over and ticketed for something you could have prevented?

New Parts

If you let your car sit idle for an extended period, you can also run into issue with parts like the battery, the gas tank, or the plugs. If left to sit, even for a week, a car battery could die which means you will have to either find a way to charge it or buy a new one. Either way, it’s a pain in the rear, and it is easily avoidable. If you’re going to let your car sit for a week or more, disconnect the battery. This will prevent it from being drained and make it far less likely to cause you trouble when you come back to your vehicle (just remember to hook it back up). When it comes to your gas tank, if you let it sit too long without being full, rust can start to develop on the exposed metal. The tank is a perfect environment for rust to happen and it can cost around $600 to replace, according to Auto Parts Warehouse and that’s not including labor. Plus, if your gas tank rusts, the fuel lines surrounding it may also require replacing, if they’ve succumb to the same fate.Superficial Can Still Be Expensive

Even if the parts that make your car go don’t suffer some sort of damage, sitting idle for too long can have negative effects on a car’s appearance. If you let your car sit in the sun for a week, it could start to fade, both inside and out. Sun damage is the quickest way to make a car go from looking like new to looking weathered and old. If you consider a car cover at around $25 versus a new paint job at around $500 (though specialty shops that might do a better job start at around $1,000), the cover is a pretty obvious way to save some money. A car cover will also help prevent fading inside the car. Replacing a car’s interior can cost between $170 (if you do it yourself) and $1,000 (if you have it installed).

All in all, it is way cheaper and far less time consuming to take a few steps before you go to ensure your car’s longevity. It’s better to spend a little before you use Miami cruise Port parking than to spend a lot after you get home. Your car is a big part of your life. You should take care of it the best you can to keep it around for as long as you can.