People parking in Miami, or anywhere for that matter, consider sun shades for all kinds of reasons. Some parents buy sun shades to protect their kids on long drives. Some people buy sun shades they use while their car is parked to help keep it cool. Some folks choose to go the route of tinting their windows as they see it as a more permanent solution. So when it comes to protecting your car from the sun, what is the best option? We gathered a little information for you so that you can make the right choice.

Your Car Needs Sun Protection

There are many reasons that cars need to be protected from the sun. On a purely superficial level, your car’s interior can suffer if left exposed to the sun for too long. The light can speed up the deterioration of your upholstery as well as fade it, making it look dull and bland. Another reason to consider sun protection is the heat. On a sunny day parking in Miami, the inside of your car can get up to around 160 F, according to Imagine your car’s parts cooking at more than 160 for however long it is that you leave it alone. If you leave your car for a week to go a cruise, it could climb that high five to seven days in a row. Even if your car can withstand the heat, what about anything you may have left inside, like CDs, an MP3 player, any cords for charging or connecting said MP3 player to the stereo system. All of these items will be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays and heat.

Think of Your Family

Now, if you’re only thinking about the conditions your car will be facing while it’s parked at the port, you may not need to consider things like how the sun can affect you and your family while you’re traveling. If you’re looking at the big picture, however, you and your family probably spend a lot of time in your car. If you want to ensure your safety and protection against things like skin cancer and sun burns, then you may be looking at tinting your windows instead of using sun shades. On the plus side, tinted windows can provide protection at all times where sun shades may only be useful when the car is parked or when all the windows are up (most shades cannot be attached if the window is down). Even so, these removable sun shades can come unattached or rolled up when you’re driving which means they’re not providing the protection you need. When it comes to tinting, however, usually factory tinting isn’t sufficient enough coverage to prevent sun burns which means you will need to get an aftermarket product. Also, while tinting can be helpful when you’re driving, it may reduce visibility and it also cannot be applied to the windshield. That means that you’ll still need a sun shade for when you’re parking anywhere in Miami.

What It All Boils Down To

Should you invest in sun protection? Yes, you definitely should. Not only will it help your car keep up appearances but it will protect you and your loved ones. Should that sun protection be sun shades? It should at least have a sun shade for the windshield. Tinting alone isn’t enough protection and shades alone may be more hassle than you’d care to deal with. We would recommend a mixture of the two. If you get aftermarket tinting that can block upward of 99 percent of the sun’s rays and you use shades in places where you don’t have the tinting (like your windshield) you and your car will be all set. We want you both to have long, happy lives, so protect yourselves!