Parking cars in a lot is something many of you do every day as part of your morning routine. After a while, you might go into autopilot. For example, have you ever gotten into your car to drive to work and then realized you were at work with no real memory of how you got there? That’s because you went on autopilot and were only halfway paying attention to what you were doing. If you’ve ever woken up to your alarm and then, the next thing you knew, you were getting out of the shower and drying off; this is the same thing. Your brain was somewhere else while your body went about its business completing the same routine it does every morning. Unlike some morning routines, however, being on autopilot can be dangerous when it comes to parking. Here at Port of Miami Cruise Parking, we want you to be as safe as possible when you park your cars. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

What You Might Forget

Even if you yourself have never locked your keys in your car, you probably know someone who has. This is something that usually happens when you’re distracted (say, for example, because you’re excited about that vacation you’re about to embark on). When you’re parking your car and you’re not entirely focused on what you’re doing, you may also forget some other valuable things. You might forget to hide all of those cords that let someone know that you regularly have expensive electronics in your car like phones, MP3 players and GPS devices. You may also forget to hide other evidence of that; like the suction marks on your windshield from a mounting device, or even the device itself. You may forget your itinerary for your trip or the sunscreen you bought last minute. When you park your car anywhere, you should try to get yourself into the habit of stopping for a moment, taking a deep breath, and then going through a mental list of all the things you should have in hand (like your keys, your phone, your wallet, or your purse) and all the things you should hide or take with you (like your auxiliary cords, your GPS, or your phone charger). Whether you’re looking for Miami Cruise Parking or just parking in a neighborhood, remembering these things could save you a lot of headaches.

Safety Hazards

Another way being on autopilot is potentially dangerous actually occurs when you’re driving a vehicle. When you get to a parking lot, many people pull right into a space and then, when they leave, they are forced to back up. Backing out of a parking space can be dangerous both to you and other people using the lot. You might not see someone bending down to pick up something they dropped or a child running behind you. You might also have low visibility because of big vehicles around you blocking your line of sight. While it may seem silly, it’s actually much safer to back your vehicle into a parking space. Not only does this increase your visibility as you leave the space, but it’s also inherently safer because you are less likely to be on autopilot coming in than you are going out. When you leave a place, you’re probably thinking about what you just experienced, where you’re going, and what else you need to accomplish in your day. Upon first arriving somewhere, not only do you have less on your mind, but you’re more likely to pay attention to not hitting the cars in the spaces around you as you back up than you might be when you’re on your way out.

So, to stay safe when you’re using Miami Cruise Parking, or any parking anywhere else, make sure you’re present in the moment! Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t let the excitement of what you’re about to do or where you’re about to go preoccupy you. It’s dangerous and you could hurt someone. You could also wind up getting some of your favorite things lost or stolen which would be a very bad way to spend a day.