If you’re considering buying a car, there are several things you should think about before you make your decision. Of course there are the big things like the safety rating, the size of the trunk, and how many seats it has. But there are also other things that are pertinent to your lifestyle and the ways in which you plan on using your car that you should think about as well. For travelers, their lifestyle will have a big impact on the kind of vehicle that is best suited for them. If you travel often and this car will be your main vehicle when doing so, you need to look at how well it does on gas, if there’s room for your luggage, and how attractive it will look to thieves while it’s sitting in a parking lot near the port of Miami. If you’ve had your eye on a convertible car to fit this hole in your life, there are some things you should know.

What Makes Thieves Interested

Convertibles, while very appealing to those who enjoy windblown hair and sun-kissed skin, are also very appealing to thieves. There are multiple reasons for this but most of them lead to one major theme: convertibles are simply easier to get into. You wouldn’t believe how many convertible owners will leave their vehicle unattended with the top down. While newer models have advanced security systems to help prevent the car from actually being stolen, it does nothing to prevent the items inside from being lifted. It also offers no protection against vandalism or natural damage like rain or bird droppings.

Even if you don’t leave your top down, convertible roofs do not offer the same kind of barrier as a hard top car would. For a thief to break through the top of a conventional roof, it would require quite a lot of power, force and effort. To get inside of a convertible, sometimes it only requires something as small and handy as a pocket knife. If you were thinking about parking near the Port of Miami and not taking certain safety measure, you could be setting yourself up to come back to a damaged car.

What the Numbers Say

If you really look at the numbers, you will find that car thefts in convertible vehicles are higher than they are in conventional cars. The percentage, however, is small and, according to ConvertibleCars.Info, it is probably due to driver carelessness (parking with the top down). What this figure doesn’t account for is convertibles being broken into; it only looks at convertible cars being stolen. If you take a look at insurance rates for convertible vehicles, you’ll find that they are much higher, not only because they tend to be sports cars, but also to account for the theft. According to Kelly Blue Book, “roughly one-third of a typical comprehensive auto insurance premium goes to pay for auto theft claims.”

The Long and the Short of It

If you’re a traveler, convertible cars may be too high of a risk for you to invest in. Not only are they more costly (meaning you will have less money to go toward your next trip) but they are also prone to theft and break ins. Unless you can use your convertible for at-home outings and have a second car to take on your trips, you will be better off finding another must-have feature in your next buy. If you already own a convertible and you plan on parking near the Port of Miami while you vacation, make sure you pick a safe place to keep your car. No one wants to get back from vacation to have to fill out police reports and insurance claims.