If you have been on multiple cruises, you might now possess the attitude that if you’ve been on one, you’ve been on them all. For a lot of American cruisers, that seems to hold true. If you’re looking for a new kind of cruise to enjoy, you are in luck. MSC, the Italian cruise line, has a new ship that everyone is buzzing about. It’s called the Divina and it’s getting rave reviews on everything from its cleanliness to its appearance. The staff has been called the friendliest, the cabins are roomy, and the experience is being talked up as the best one yet. This lovely ship is departing the Port of Miami in March and hitting up the Caribbean. The lucky folks signed up for this cruise will find some Miami Dade parking, board their ship, and then set sail for the cities of Charlotte Amalie, San Juan, and Great Stirrup Cay.

What Makes It Special

The biggest draw of this cruise ship is that it’s a foreign experience mixed with a little American comfort and a dash of style. The ship has different room types for you to choose from, ranging from interior rooms to balcony rooms that are all at the more affordable end of the scale. If you’re looking for a little more ritz and glamour, the Divina has four rooms in the Yacht Club that are simply beautiful. There are also seven different dining rooms for you to enjoy. They include Mediterranean cuisine, Tex-Mex cuisine, a Steakhouse, and some Italian delights. This ship also includes a cinema, several lounge bars, a casino, and a theatre. There is a fitness center for passengers concerned about their exercise routines, and a wonderful outdoor pool to play in and enjoy.

The biggest thing, though, that makes this cruise a new kind of experience, is the mix of passengers that tend to travel on it. It is almost always a huge mix of cultures and that means a wide variety of voices, languages, and people. You can have dinner with an Irishman and drinks with an Italian. Former passengers have said that it was very international and that made the experience all the more memorable. Besides coming from diverse backgrounds, the ship’s passengers tend to be families with children, since kids 11 and younger sail for free.

What to Expect

Once you’ve found Miami Dade parking and made it to the port, you can expect to be greeted and tended to by amazing and friendly staff members who will make your trip as lovely as they can. This ship is known for its cleanliness and for the warm smiles each staff member seems to have permanently engrained on their lips. You can also expect to find d_cor that is simply breathtaking. The ship has been styled in a modern and elegant fashion with marble floors, shimmering staircases, and mirrors encrusted with Swavarski crystals. You can also expect the excursions to be fun, well organized, and for the process of getting on and off the ship to be smooth and easy.

All in all, the Divina is a popular alternative to your traditional American vacation experience. It is family friendly, it is culturally diverse, and it offers all the things you would typically find on a cruise ship and then some! After it takes off in March, its next scheduled visit to the Port of Miami is in April, with several dates available each month. If you’re looking to swing through, grab a space in a Miami Dade parking lot, and take off on a fantastic adventure, you should consider this ship as a solid option for your family.