It’s safe to say that a majority of people have never been on a boat. This also means that a majority of people have no idea if they would get sick while riding on said boat. Sure, some people know they get general motion sickness because they’ve experienced it in a car or on a ride at an amusement park. But the bottom line is that even if you’ve been on a boat and you can say for certain that you have never gotten ill, that doesn’t mean you are safe. Even though motion sickness might be unlikely, the fact is it can strike anyone in the right circumstances. So, when you pull into the Port of Miami, it’s best to be prepared, just in case.

Watch What You Eat

While it might not make you prone to seasickness, consuming the wrong thing might make you sick. Just like on land, there are some foods and beverages that just don’t sit well with you and you probably know exactly what they are. While you’re on your cruise, you should do your best to avoid these items. Why? If they make you queasy on land, imagine that upset stomach multiplied by the motion of the ocean. The result will not be a pretty one, so don’t put yourself through that if you don’t have to.

Watch Where You Sleep

If you know before you board that you are more likely to get seasick, you should do what you can to get a cabin that might help you escape the rocking and rolling. Before you depart from the Port of Miami, you want to everything in your power to ensure a pleasant trip. If your cruise can accommodate you, you should try to get a room in the middle of the ship and on a lower level. This is the area of the boat that will move less. Cabins or suites higher up and closer to the edge of the ship will experience more motion, which means you will be sleeping in a rocky room with a shaky stomach and that is a recipe for disaster.

Watch What You Read

You have probably heard someone mention, at least in passing, that they can’t read in the car or they get nauseous. Take a tip from them and avoid reading on your cruise if you’re worried about getting sick. Focusing on a fixed point so close to your face only intensifies the feelings of motion sickness. Your body is experiencing a sensory conflict where your eyes and your brain say you’re standing still but your body can feel movement.

Watch Your Temperature

The body’s natural response to stress is to heat up. Your blood starts pumping, your endorphins start going, and you start to sweat. If you can help control this reaction, you might just be able to trick your body into thinking that you are not, in fact, stressing out. If you have a fan or any air vents in your room, try to sit or stand in their breeze. You can also go on deck to get a little fresh air or use damp towels pressed to your forehead or neck to cool you down in a flash.

Watch What You Pop

While these other tips are sure to help prevent the sickness as much as any natural remedy can, they, by themselves, might not be enough. If that is the case, you don’t want to find out on board where you might not be able to get your hands on medication. Before you depart, you should pick up an over-the-counter medicine like Dramamine or, if you know you’re likely to get sick, go and visit your doctor to get a prescription for something a little stronger.

Will motion sickness kill you? No. But it can ruin your vacation and it can certainly ruin your appetite. If nothing else, being prepared for the possibility of getting sea sick once you take off from the Port of Miami will give you one less thing to worry about while you’re sailing the open sea. You want your trip to be enjoyable, right? A little prep work goes a long way.