We all value our cars. They are expensive, they get us to all the places we want to go, and we spend a lot of time in them. That being said, a car is not an item you want to lose or have stolen. So, like other things that we value, people take precautions to try their best to protect their cars from harm. One of the ways that a lot of people go about this is with a car alarm. Lately, however, the tides have been turning and the number of people in favor of car alarms is shrinking. Why, you ask? Well, when was the last time you heard a car alarm and thought, “I had better call the cops, someone’s car is being stolen?” Most of us have probably accidently set off a car alarm or two in our days, so we know how easy it is to trigger one.

We are concerned with safe cruise parking, so this is something we just had to dive into. So, in order to tell whether a car alarm is worth the investment, we’ll have to turn to the facts.

What People Are Saying

A recent study reported that 95 percent of people with car alarms feel safer just by having them. This report may seem substantial until you take into account that it was put out by lobbyists in favor of car alarms. But, then again, how many of us buy things that make us feel safer even when there is no real evidence to show that we are? Regardless of who put out the survey, peace of mind is a rare thing, and if there is something you can buy to provide you with a little of it, who wouldn’t be the first in line? Some people are saying that one person’s peace of mind is not worth the annoyance to everyone else. Cities like New York have been working hard to ban car alarms for over a decade. So if the people are polarized on the issue we need to dig a little deeper to find out if a car alarm is going to affect the safety of cruise parking.

What Studies Are Showing

In a study done by the Highway Loss Data Institute, they found that cars with car alarms “show no overall reduction in loss” when compared with cars that did not have them. They looked at more than 73 million vehicles. It would seem that car alarms aren’t deterring crime at all. And that may be because another study done by the efforts to ban car alarms in New York showed that roughly 80 percent of the cars stolen in America are stolen by professional thieves. These thieves can silence an audible car alarm in seconds.

All in All

What does this mean for those of us looking for safe cruise parking in Miami? It means that a noise making car alarm is not the way to go. People ignore them or find them annoying. But there are other options. Besides finding a secure, well lit lot with security and round the clock staffing, you can invest in a silent car security system. For years now, carmakers have been toying with ways to keep your car from starting when you’re not there. They have cars that won’t start unless someone with the right key (meaning a key with the right computer chip in it) is close enough. They also have cars that will sync with your smartphone app and message you if something is happening with your car. (This could be a great way to get that peace of mind we were talking about earlier.) All in all, if your car has an alarm system, it might scare off a teenager playing a prank but if you really want to protect it, you should invest in a demobilizing alarm and park in safe places.