When you’ve decided to head south and take off on an awesome cruise for your vacation this year, you have lots of things that you need to figure out. What should you pack? How will you get to the port? Are you going to do anything else on your vacation, either before or after you set sail? One thing that people sometimes forget to think about is where they are going to park. Leaving your car alone for a week or longer is kind of a big deal. You want to make sure that when you start looking at parking for the Port of Miami you are making the best and safest decision. Here are five reasons you should choose long term parking for your vehicle.

Getting Your Car Broken Into Stinks

The last thing you want to deal with when you get back from a long trip is a theft. Whether your car is gone or just some of your things have been taken, auto theft is a big problem. If someone sees your car sitting, unmoved, in one spot for too long, they’re going to make it as an easy target. When your car is in a long term lot with 24/7 security and staffing, it is going to be much, much safer.

Weathering the Weather

While parking conditions for the Port of Miami are usually sunny and clear, we do sometimes have inclement weather. If there is a bad storm and your car is all alone, what will happen to it? Maybe you’ve purchased a car cover to help protect it while you’re away. In long term parking, someone will be there to put that cover back on if a bad wind blows it off. What if things get really hairy and your car suffers damage from hail or a falling branch? Someone will be there to let you know right away so you can start planning for repairs as soon as possible.

Parking Can Be Expensive

If you park on the street or in a regular garage, parking costs can be astronomical. The prices at those places are designed to get what they can out of drivers who need their services for a short time. Long term lots, however, know that you need more time and they price their spaces accordingly. Another perk to long term lots is that you won’t have to worry about surprise price increases which might happen if there is a social event (or they might charge more for weekends). Lastly, should you park your vehicle on the street, you may find that it isn’t there when you come back. Some cities tow for street sweeping day or they may have certain events that mean no cars can park on the street.

Speaking of Tickets and Towing

While you may think your car is safe where you parked it, you may be misinformed or confused. If you get a parking ticket while you’re away, it can be big trouble. Tickets are costly and may require immediate payment, especially if you need to leave the state to go home. If you get enough tickets while you’re on the ship, they might tow your car, adding impound and towing fees to your already high ticket prices. According to Miami-Dade County, tow fees can be as much as $300 and the initial impound fee can be anywhere from $101 to $300.

What If There Are No Spaces?

When you use a long term lot, you can reserve your parking space months and months in advance. If you just show up hoping to find parking at the Port of Miami and there isn’t any, what are you going to do? By reserving your space ahead of time you can rest assured that it will be there when you pull up. You don’t have to guess at fees or figure out if you need cash or where to get some once you arrive. You can simply pull in, check in, park your car and be ready to cruise!